5 Ideas to make your Spring Art Show a success!

5 Ideas to make your Spring Art Show a success!

Are you looking for ideas for hosting an Elementary or Middle School Art Show

Why an art show?

It is really great to put on an Art show at the end of the year. The kids love showing off their work, it’s fun for the parents, and it’s important for your art program. Don’t pass up the opportunity to show off the culmination of your year of art.

Most schools combine their Art Show with the Open House night or another event where most parents and students will be on campus. There are many ways to create an art gallery atmosphere, have music, serve refreshments, make invitations. If you have pictures of your students creating art, make a slideshow and project it on the wall. Some teachers prefer to select the students favorite piece of art from the year and others prefer to use all the same lesson from each class. Either way, it is good to group your artwork by subject and what you were trying to accomplish, lesson names, elements studied, etc. There are many variables on how to display the students’ artwork. Here are some examples of how to create displays:

Hanging Posterboard Displays
Use 22″ x 28″ Posterboards, mat artwork as desired, mount artwork to posterboards. Hang them together by using a hole punch and large paper. Use plastic chains or rope to hang them from the tile ceiling.

Art Week, or Hallway Display
If you’re lucky enough to be able to leave your display up for a period of time how about Art Week! Cover your hallways with Art!

Cardboard Display
Collect refrigerator boxes from your local hardware store. Slice them open, lay them flat and cover with butcher paper. Staple artwork right onto the boards.

Folding Lunch Tables!
This is a great, easy display idea. Just cover them in butcher paper.

Arts Attack Student
Kids love showing off their Artwork!

Arts Attack
Arts Attack

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