ART Around the World with Mrs. O: Art in Grand Rapids Michigan

ART Around the World with Mrs. O: Art in Grand Rapids Michigan
Mrs. O, the creator of the Arts Attack Program, loves to travel and enjoy art everywhere she goes. Travel along with her in this post to Grand Rapids Michigan to see two amazing sculptures!

While in Grand Rapids we visited Art Prize an international art competition. We took time to visit La Grande Vitesse by Alexander Caulder. It is by the Grand Rapids City Hall In Caulder Plaza. This enormous sculpture’s title means Grand Rapids or grand swiftness. This statue is featured in an 8th grade Arts Attack sculpture lesson. La Grande Vitesse, a public sculpture by American artist Alexander Calder, is located on the large concrete plaza surrounding City Hall and the Kent County Building in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States.

We also visited Meijer Sculpture Gardens where a featured piece is The American Horse by Nina Akamu. This statue was inspired in part by Leonardo da Vinci ‘s Horse that was never casthorse that was destroyed by the French.

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park opened in April 1995 after 13 years of planning and fundraising by the West Michigan Horticultural Society. In 1990, Fred & Lena Meijer were asked for their support, and they embraced the concept of a major cultural attraction centering around horticulture & sculpture. The original vision has turned into a top cultural destination in the Midwest region, known internationally for the quality of the art and gardens.

Meijer Gardens’ commitment is to create a legacy of lifelong learning, enjoyment and a rich cultural experience for generations to come. Meijer Gardens promotes the enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of gardens, sculpture, the natural environment and the arts.


Art can be seen all around us. Whether it is in a museum, out in nature, or the design on a t-shirt. Art has an influence on our everyday lives, being aware of art helps us understand ourselves and our emotions. It also helps keep our communities and the larger society vital and strong.

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