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Artful Reading

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”
“A good story inspires countless works of art.”

The above sayings illustrate the close connection between art and literacy.  Arts Attack’s new Artful Reading series is designed to demonstrate this connection to elementary and middle school students.  The series consists of 12 bundles of 10 read-a-loud books that have been expertly curated by highly respected educators.

Nine of the bundles are designed for one of the K-8 grade levels with a majority of the books relating to Arts Attack visual art lessons in that grade level.

We also have three additional book bundles, Inspire your heart with Art, Great Masters, and Did you Know?
These book bundles contain heartwarming stories about the creative process, collaboration, street art, costume design, fashion design, illustration, and public art.  Many of these lessons apply not only to art, but to life itself.

Each Book Bundle Includes:

  • 10 beautifully curated books per grade
  • Most books in the K-8 series are integrated with selected ARTS ATTACK lessons
  • Many new authors and illustrators to explore!
  • $234.00 per grade level bundle
This collection has been lovingly curated, exclusively for ARTS ATTACK, by highly respected members of the education community.

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