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Art in the Afternoon is a smaller version of the award-winning ARTS ATTACK visual art curriculum. It is designed for those after school programs that do not have the time available to teach a full year’s curriculum, but wish to implement a cost-effective easy-to-teach, high-quality art program as an enrichment activity during the time that they do have available. Its focus is on teaching the art elements and principles, drawing techniques, and creative self-expression, while also addressing such subjects as learning and working in the styles of the masters, exploring a variety of media, art history, and multicultural art.

Like ARTS ATTACK COMPLETE, which is successfully taught in thousands of classrooms by art specialists, classroom teachers, parent art docents and/or after school staff members. ART IN THE AFTERNOON is an easy-to-teach video-based art curriculum developed for use in the elementary and middle grades – K-8. ART IN THE AFTERNOON teaches 12 lessons per grade level, a carefully selected subset of the 24 lessons in the ARTS ATTACK COMPLETE visual art curriculum.

ART IN THE AFTERNOON can easily be converted to the full year ARTS ATTACK visual art curriculum. A conversion package is available for those who purchase the ART IN THE AFTERNOON program and then decide, at a later date, that they wish to convert to a full year’s visual art curriculum.

Each of the Grade level subscriptions are $375 for a 5 year subscription, each additional classroom per grade is $60.

Art Supply Kits

The Marvelous Masters Series has the option to order art supplies customized to this series for classrooms. Please fill out this form for a shipping quote SUPPLY QUOTE FORM

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